Welcome to the 4th US Regular Infantry Website

Welcome to our cyber cook fire.  Join us while we boil some coffee and talk about past campaigns.  We are Company I of the 4th U.S. Infantry Regiment, a Civil War reenacting and living history unit based in the Mid-Atlantic states.  We participate in local and national Civil War Reenactments, portraying an infantry regiment of the U.S. Regular Army, the professional soldiers of the time.  The Regulars were known for their courage and exceptional tactics execution.  It was after the Battle of Gettysburg a Union soldier remarked, "At First Bull Run the Regulars taught the army how to fight; at Gettysburg the Regulars taught the army how to die."

It is with this legacy in mind that we try to honor and respect their memory.

We are a proud member of the United States Volunteers (USV), the largest Union reenacting organization in the United States.